Transport infrastructure have a positive impact on economic growth, creating wealth and jobs, and enhancing trade, geographical accessibility and the mobility of people and goods.

The DURABROADS project aims at providing a sustainable growth by promoting a more durable, resource-efficient, greener and competitive construction and renewal of road infrastructures that will need less maintenance and rehabilitation. New DURABROADS pavements will be adapted to freight corridors and climate change by means of innovative designs and the use of greener materials improved by nanotechnology. The optimization of current construction, maintenance and rehabilitation procedures is also aimed in this project.

In addition, other specific objectives of the Project are:

  • Analysis of the existing constraints concerning current road materials and construction and maintenance procedures.
  • Identification of best practices (more affordable, resilient and environmentally friendly) for the construction, maintenance and rehabilitation of the road asset.
  • Development of eco-friendly asphalt pavements more adapted to climate change and freight traffic volumes, including:
    • High performance nanotechnology modified binders.
    • More durable warm mix asphalts improved with nanotechnology modified binders and with the maximum percentage of recycled materials.
    • Long-life pavements sections to cover different climate conditions and traffic loads.
  • Demonstration of the environmental benefits and economic feasibility of DURABROADS solutions.
  • Demonstration of DURABROADS most promising pavement sections by the implementation in a real case scenario.
  • Definition of the criteria to include DURABROADS solutions into Green Public Procurement Procedures.
  • Identification of the next steps to be followed for the future standardization of the new materials developed.