Nowadays, traditional road materials, procedures and techniques need to increase performance but unexpected problems have a negative impact reducing its life-time. Challenges such as extreme weather conditions due to climate change, or the significant increase of traffic flow in new freight corridors contribute to the deterioration of the road network. Consequently, pavement performance and resilience must be considered when designing and maintaining roads to avoid increase of upgrade works, reduction of the network availability and, as well, a need for additional and costly investment.


The Project

DURABROADS main objective is to provide a sustainable growth through the development and demonstration of cost-effective, eco-friendly, durable and resilient pavements. These pavements will be based on innovative nanotechnology enhanced asphalts and through the optimization of procedures to build and rehabilitate long-life, safer and greener roads. The consortium will also consider main transport challenges which Europe is facing at the moment. Improvement citizens daily life in terms of mobility and exportation of innovative European knowledge to third countries will play a key role in the project.



DURABROADS aims at developing pavements adapted to new challenges and achieving an efficient, smarter and safer mobility. In addition, DURABROADS solutions will optimize road construction and rehabilitation procedures while minimizing the negative impact on the environment. The development of innovative nanotechnology-enhanced binders will be carried out to improve resilience and durability of asphalt mixes. Moreover, the consortium will focus in particular on research of Warm Mix Asphalt technology and the maximum addition of wastes and by-products to minimize environmental impacts.