DURABROADS in the Hungarian Media

DURABROADSThe article focusses on the decision-supporting model developed by the DURABROADS experts.

Concretely, KTI coordinated the actions to optimize asphalt wearing course rehabilitation techniques in order to be used for most heavily trafficked European roads (TEN-T roads). The article describes the phases of this model development which are briefly explained below.

As a first step, a targeted questionnaire was compiled and sent to the experts of 17 European countries requesting information about their asphalt pavement rehabilitation techniques. Based on their replies, eight techniques were selected for further investigation:

  • Cold site recycling
  • Double surface dressing
  • Full depth recycling
  • Hot site recycling
  • Pavement surface milling
  • Microsurfacing
  • New 50mm AC wearing course
  • New 30mm AC wearing course

The research was based on the use of the principles of lifetime engineering. Accordingly, the functional, human, economic and environmental aspects were evaluated for the different candidate variants.

In addition, a case study was presented for the methodology developed for the complex comparison of pavement rehabilitation techniques. The case study displays three steps: weighing of criteria, evaluation of variants and sensitivity analysis.

The final “winners” of rehabilitation techniques: pavement surface milling; full depth recycling; cold site recycling.

The entire article can be downloaded here (in Hungarian): http://utugyilapok.hu/cikkek/nagy-nehezforgalmu-utak-optimalis-felujitasi-technologiajanak-kivalasztasa/