Brussels hosts Kick-off Meeting

cityThe Kick-off Meeting (KoM) of the DURABROADS project was held at the regional office Cantabria in Brussels on the 22nd of October 2013.
The meeting was the first opportunity to meet all the partners and the EC Project Officer. Participants discussed several issues mainly related to management and internal procedures, immediate work to be developed, appointment of the Steering Committee and also objectives of each Work Package:

  • WP2: Evaluation and optimization of road-related materials and procedures, presented by Mr. Zsolt Bencze (KTI).
  • WP3: Investigation and development of more suitable carbon nanomaterials for the modification of binders, presented by Christopher Hubrich (FIPA).
  • WP4: Development of graphite-modified WMA including the use of industrial by-products and RAP, presented by Mrs. Raquel Casado (ACCIONA)
  • WP5: Development of optimized road pavements more resilient to climate change and freight corridors, presented by Mrs. Irune Indacoechea (UC)
  • WP6: Demonstration and validation, presented by Mrs. Raquel Casado (ACCIONA)
  • WP7: Guidelines and pre-standardization, presented by Mr. José Luis Díez (ERF)
  • WP8: Communication, dissemination, and exploitation of project results by José Luis Díez (ERF)

Following the presentations, partners together with EC representative Mr William Bird discussed timing and interactions between WPs to maximize project results and positive implementation of new DURABROADS techniques and materials.