Main data about traffic load, climate conditions and pavements in TEN-T road network collected and analysed by WP2 partners

WP2 RigaPartners of WP2 move forward in its respective tasks. IB (Latvia) hosted the last meeting on 7th April at the University of Riga.

KTI (Hungary) has leaded the work and coordinated different actions bringing together University of Cantabria (Spain), Acciona (Spain), IB (Latvia) and the ERF (Belgium). Main tasks carried out by the partners have been collection of data in various member states related to pavement composition and construction techniques, traffic flow information and climate impact in the road design.

A questionnaire was distributed at the end of 2013 to several national road infrastructure experts in search of this information. Currently, partners are identifying constrains in road materials and construction, maintenance, rehabilitation techniques to face traffic and climate challenges. Concretely, main goal will be the development of an optimization criteria analysis of specifications and procedures.

Next meeting will take place in September 2014 when partners will provide more specific solutions.

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