Participation at the conference "Standards: your innovation bridge"

 MCP6286The First European Conference 'Standards: Your Innovation Bridge' organised by CEN-CENELEC, in cooperation with the Commission and EFTA, was held in Brussels on the 30th October.

The event aimed at reinforcing the bridge between research projects and its potential to develop new standards which would facilitate market implementation and, hence, success as business. In line with Europe2020 strategy and the launching of the Horizon 2020 Programme, the Commission is committed to create a more innovative, social and sustainable industry which could modernise Europe, boost economic growth and job creation as well position our companies, products and services in a more globalized and competitive economy. Standards can play a facilitator role to achieve those objectives.

During the event, discussions focused on describing benefits between standardisation and innovation from policy, technical and market perspectives. Different panels offered participants the possibility to understand different aspects from standards as IP Rights, market access or basic notions about standardization process and ground rules.

The events was a real success bringing together almost 400 participants including delegated and exhibitors where DURABROADS was present together with other R&D projects co-funded by the European Commission. 

Proceedings of the event can be downloaded by clicking the following link: agenda, presentation and speakers biographies.