Analysis of road materials and constrains identification

smallThe Engineering School of the University of Cantabria hosted the 4th meeting of the Work Package 2 on 9 of March in Santander (Spain).

Meeting was coordinated by Hungarian KTI which is the partner leader to ensure the three tasks allocated to WP2 are successfully completed. Discussions focussed on the analysis of road material specifications, as well as road design, construction, maintenance and rehabilitation procedures.

Data collected from different countries consisted of information about asphalts used and commonly failure types. University of Cantabria completed data analysis aiming at identifying constrains when deploying these pavements in roads with heavy traffic flow and extreme weather conditions. Analysis has been based on the performance of multiple criteria indicators with the ultimate goal to optimise the selection of the type of asphalt wearing courses and road rehabilitation strategies.

Second part of the meeting focussed on planning immediate disseminations actions and the organisation of the first DURABROADS Workshop to be schedules for June 2015 which will bring together external experts as well as representatives from the European Commission and the US Federal Highways Administration.