Initial results unveiled during first Workshop


On 15 June, the DURABROADS consortium organised the first workshop of the project at the headquarters of Acciona in Madrid.

The gathering was attended by 22 participants including all the partners and external experts involved in the design, construction, managing and maintenance of roads at different levels (national and European sectorial organisations, technology platforms, private companies and EU institutions).

Since October 2013, the DURABROADS consortium has focused on the completion of three main tasks:

  • Identification and quantification of the medium and long-term harmful effects of climate change and freight corridors on the European road network (consequences of changing climate; synergistic effects of vehicle and climatic loads)
  • Definition of optimisation criteria (consideration of parameter combinations) on durability, safety, cost-effectiveness, environmental-friendliness and socio-economic factors using also lifetime engineering concepts
  • Analysis of road-related procedures and techniques taking into account the previous criteria in design, construction, maintenance and rehabilitation (identification of constraints regarding affordability, sustainability and suitability to accommodate extreme loads both traffic and/on environment)

In this sense, the workshop had a triple objective. Firstly, the presentation of DURABROADS to external stakeholders in the sector; Secondly, to unveil and analyse the results of Work Package 2 which evaluated constraints from road materials and design, construction, maintenance and rehabilitation procedures; third, to receive inputs from similar initiatives which could be adapted to the project avoiding overlaps and ensuring its future implementation.

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