Research continues in the development of the DURABROADS bitumen

testing bitumen

Engineers from Acciona, Norgewian Graphite, FIPA and Tecnalia are completing various tests in the labs on the new nanomaterial-modified bitumen.

This phase represents a key moment for the project since it will provide the enhanced bitumen to be mixed with the eco-friendly asphalt mixtures.

Both elements, bitumen and asphalt, are presenting innovative features. The bitumen will use nanomaterials in order to increase durability and resilience. The asphalt will be more sustainable substituting natural aggregates for RAP and steel lags.

The new DURABROADS mix will be tested with three different asphalts: Asphalt Concrete (AC), Porous Asphalt (PA) and Very Thin Layer Asphalt Concrete (BBTM)

Collaboration with the Turner-Fairbank Highway Research Center of the FHWA (US) will be reinforced when the tests are completed following the American experience during the first semester of 2016.