Different modified bitumen types tested in the laboratory

Work LabWork in the laborathory completed during the first semester of 2016 has focused on testing two types of nano-modified bitumen. The new DURABROADS bitumen has been compared with conventional polymer-modified bitumen to evaluate quality and better performance of new bitumen fundamental  properties.

The two types of carbon-based nanoparticles used as additives for the modification of the bitumen were: graphite in different forms (GNPs, GO, GP) and carbon black. Likewise, the combination of polymer SBS and nano-additives in the bituminous matrix was also studied. Paving Grade Bitumen 70/100 was used as base bitumen.

The evaluation has mainly focused on observing performance results of softening point -R&B temperature, penetration, ductility and elastic recovery. In addition, rheological characterization was conducted to optimize the bitumen characteristics.

The investigation and test of different properties has facilitated the development of optimal DURABROADS bitumen.

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