Work with asphalt mixtures commences

Asphalt MixtureAfter several months of research, the consortium has developed the final bitumen-modified DURABROADS which are composed of carbon black ensuring an improvement in the performance in terms of durability and resilience.  

Next step in the project is the elaboration of asphalt mixtures using the new DURABROADS bitumen. The main objective in this phase is to achieve another goal for the project: optimize sustainability elements (i.e. reducing use of natural raw materials). In this sense, research is working over three types of mixtures:

  • AC: Asphalt Concrete
  • BBTM: Warm asphalt concrete for very thin layers 
  • PA: Porous Asphalt

Until now the consortium has finalised work with AC. Specifically, the mixture type AC16 was designed and characterized.  Three different mixtures were studied to evaluate the influence of the individual components. The first mixture analysed the influence of adding recycled aggregates (35% slags and 30% RAP, both % by volume) as partial replacement of natural aggregates.

Results on the work with BBTM and PA mixtures will be unveiled soon.

In addition, engineers are also improving sustainability performance of the mixture by using lower temperatures. Concretely, the incorporation of a Warm Mix Asphalt additive will reduce temperature in comparison with conventional Hot Mix Asphalts.

Consequently, the combination of recycled aggregates, WMA additive and bitumen-modified with carbon black will be the greener elements of the new DURABROADS asphalt mixture.

For further information about latest developments, please contact Esther Lizasoain: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.