DURABROADS asphalt mixtures follow ENs

ENsFuture DURABROADS asphalt aims at further improving current patterns in resilient, durability and sustainable performance.

The consortium also seeks a quick market deployment and commercial acceptance. In this regard, all the mixes were designed and characterised according to their main properties following EN Standards. Results from the tests are being compared to the technical specifications defined in Article 542 of the Spanish Specifications for Road and Bridge Construction. Specific national regulations have been chosen since the trial road will be built in Spain.

In particular, cohesion between binder and aggregates (water sensitivity test) and resistance to permanent deformation (wheel tracking test) were evaluated. Values achieved for both properties were comparable than that of conventional asphalt concrete mixtures. Aside from the main properties, the DURABROADS asphalt mixture was further characterized. Compactability, stiffness and resistance to fatigue were the tests performed.

Compactability was assessed in terms of the number of gyrations required to achieve the density target. Results from the test indicated that at least 150 gyrations are required to achieve the adequate grade of compaction.

Regarding stiffness and resistance to fatigue, important differences were spotted in the results when comparing with typical values for conventional AC mixtures. Values in stiffness and modulus obtained were similar to those of High Modulus Asphalt.

An increase in stiffness may affect negatively to the fatigue resistance of the bituminous mixtures since the asphalt layer is less flexible. However, the fatigue performance in this case in fatigue of the DURABROADS asphalt mixture still remains good and the number of equivalent axles that can withstand is greater than that specified in the Spanish standard “Instrucción 6.1-IC” (catalogue of pavement sections for the design of new pavement structures).

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