E-learning Life Cycle Assessment with DURABROADS

e learning LCA DURABROADSLife Cycle Assessment (LCA) is the process of compiling and evaluating the inputs and outputs of a product system. The LCA process examines the lifecycle of the product from one reference point in its lifecycle to another, such as its manufacture to its end. From the analysis of this process, the environmental impacts of the product can be visualized.

BSRIA is the partner responsible at DURABROADS for LCA analysis providing an extensive record of activities in the field. As contribution to the project, BRSI is preparing a free e-learning course with that aims at providing an overview and introduction on many of the key aspects of LCA.

Throughout this course, the DURABROADS project is repeatedly referred to illustrate a real world example of LCA that will assist the reader with their learning and understanding of LCA. At the end of each section, the reader will be assessed on their understanding of the topic covered by a series of multiple-choice questions.

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